vegetables grown locally picked daily fresh

Verger de la Savane also produces a variety of seasonal vegetables cultivated on 80 acres of land.

From tomatoes to cucumbers, yellow and green beans not forgetting our carrots, cabbage, beats, potatoes as well as our spotlight product two colored sweet corn.

On our farms a preventive technician inspects our fields weekly to insure premium quality vegetables.

Mid-august we invite you to come and pick your own fresh ordinary and Italian tomatoes.

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Vegetables direct from the farm to you

Verger de la Savane & Légumes Charbonneau vegetables are mineral and micronutrient rich. Essential elements in the maintainance  of good health. At our kiosk you will find various seasonal fruits and vegetables starting with apples available nearly year round during the off season our apples are stored in a controlled atmosphere to insure the best possible quality.
All grown locally here in St-Hubert and in Sainte-Angèle-de-Monoir.

Taste a harvest of fresh satisfaction

Our selection of in season fruits and vegetables include our popular strawberries, 2 colored sweet corn and of course apples ! Furthermore our asparagus, tomatoes, yellow & green string beans, carrots, cabbage, beats, potatoes also regular favorites among many satisfied customers.

Family owned for the past 100 years and 35years for the orchard, a century and 35 of dedication 4 generations strong and growing.

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